About Us

As Ay Döküm, we produce gray and ductile iron, raw and machined castings according to the expectations and needs of our customers, who belong to various manufacturing sectors - mainly agricultural machinery.


Our Mission

What Do We Do?

  • Grey and nodular cast iron, raw and machined castings

Who Do We Do It For?

  • Our specific targets are industry leading customers who are in compliance with our institutional culture, will support us through our improvement and mutual growth

Why Do We Do It?

  • To become the company our customers and employees want to work with
  • To ensure satisfaction of all our stakeholders
  • To transfer our industrial knowledge and experience to future generations
  • To develop our society with our activities

How Do We Do It?

  • Maintaining our competitiveness and profitability
  • Being open to innovation by constantly following up the latest technology
  • Using natural resources in the most effective way
  • Supporting our customers from the first project stage

What Makes Us Different?

  • Having a “Corporal Family Company” structure
  • Having quick decision making and flexible production mechanism
  • Establishing a rather partner focused relations with our fewer customers


Our Vision

To have green factory and lean production structure based on our new investment, to carry the positive image we have in Turkey to global scale, to be a company which all leading producers in the industry wants to work with, and to take place among leading companies in our sector in Turkey and in the world for our 40th year as a company.


Our History

Ahmet Yavuz, after being a worker and superintendant of Karabük Iron and Steel Factory between 1945 and 1946, established his own business life in 9147 at a small foundry in Konya. After that, he started with casting of plates. Ay Döküm Machine Industry and Trade Inc. has started its business in 1955 by Ahmet Yavuz, who opened a foundry in Ankara “Büyük Sanayi” Industrial Region. In 1988, the foundry was moved to Sincan Foundries Region on a locaton of 6000 m2 area, where 3000 m2 was closed. In time, the demand increased; and in 1993, the construction has started for a new facility in Ankara Organized Industrial Region on a 8800 m2 area with 3000 m2 closed. This facility started working in 1998. It also purchased its first CNC machines and started machining in 1996. Ay Döküm made its first export in 1989.