Our Quality Motto: "First, be confident of the product you produce, then offer it to your customers."


Sand and
Metallography Labs
Sand Analysis
Incoming Material Quality Control
Tensile Tester (20 tons)
Microstructure Analysis
Brinell Hardness Testers (3 tons)


Thermal and Spectral Analyses A.T.A.S Thermal Analyzer
Metallurgical Process Control
Melting Control


Quality Control CMM Devices
Various Hardness Testers (Rockwell, Vickers, Mobile)
Laser 3D Scanner
Profile Projector
Various Gauges and Measuring Devices
Ultrasonic Inspection Device
Micro Hite
Surface Roughness Tester
Penetrant Inspection
Contamination Test Lab




TS EN ISO 9001:2015



Our Quality Policy

  • To arrange and improve our quality management system in a way to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.
  • To maintain and increase satisfaction of our customers, employees and other stakeholders by providing constant improvement in all processes.
  • To prevent problems by creating permanent solutions; to produce quality products at once.
  • To support continuous training and development of our employees.
  • To conduct our activities in a way that does not disrupt the natural balance, in compliance with environment, and in accordance with legal conditions.